Samsung reigns supreme in digital signage for 15 years straight


What’s interesting is that Samsung, the world leader in large screen experience, received the medal for outstanding performance in the digital signage market for the 15th consecutive time. This award brings Omdia to the point of not only being the top player in terms of market share but also dreaming of being number one among other players.

Their success can be attributed to two major factors: Furthermore, innovation and meeting different consumer demands are also taken into account. Samsung’s inbuilt modern technology extends so far to the level of “The Wall”, the initial modular display in which MicroLED is the smallest building block. Gifted by its superb performance and its unique applications to leading brands like Lucid Motors, this masterpiece finds its way into the brand boards of various industry leaders.

Samsung not only innovates, but it also offers a full-fledged suite of digital signage products. For example, their smart signage, weather-resistant outdoor signage and interactive displays provide solutions for budget as well as non-budget-friendly organizations.

Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Visual Display Business, has declared that he has never been more proud of his achievements. “So this 15-year reign reflects our determination towards innovation and our ability to timely adapt to any changes that occur in the market,” he said. Furthermore, Samsung President Mobile explained the company’s dedication to producing “unique devices, solutions and services” that meet customers’ needs.

This strong leadership in digital signage guarantees that Samsung remains at the forefront of the digital agenda, and differentiates itself from competitors.

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