Samsung plans to use BOE OLED panels for budget smartphones

Samsung is very new in its field and has recently been following international expansion. We all know BOE as a supplier in China, the world’s no 1 product market with around twenty percent of the market for OLED and LCD panels, not recently partnered with Samsung Electronics to develop panels for its smartphones industry.

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According to news company ‘buisnesskorea’ manufacturers in China, BOE has announced that it is developing panels for ‘Samsung Electronics’ new A13 and A23 mobile phone budget which is due out in May 2022.


Some industry insiders revealed that Samsung has proposed BOE the idea of producing panels for its next-generation flagship smartphones, and is currently discussing technology, doing tech verifications, and also signing a contract with the Chinese panel developer.

Samsung is planning to release the new foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in mid of the year or the second half of 2022. Previously Samsung Display has supplied all the foldable display panels so far.

We think Samsung will first verify the manufacturing quality and will only move forward if BOE meets all the specifications regarding the thermal shocks and life durability test.

What is BOE?

BOE is Beijing Oriental Electronics founded by Wang Dongsheng in 1997, known for manufacturing LCDs, OLEDs, Flexible Displays, MicroLEDs, Fingerprint sensors, and Solar panels. One of the most important facts is that BOE has acquired SK Hynix in 2003.

At present times Samsung is very keen on joining hands with multiple players in the market. Last week we have reported the news that it is being in conversation with ‘SK Hynix for the latest foldable hinges for its upcoming foldable. We will be updating you when the Korean tech giant launches the new smartphones that are equipped with BOE tech.