Samsung One UI 7 might include battery health

Galaxy phone users, rejoice! Rumors suggest that Samsung’s upcoming One UI 7 update, based on Android 15, may bring a long-awaited feature: Battery Fitness. This extension will help you like iOS offers for your Galaxy device and control its battery, taking measures to maximize its working time.

Say goodbye to that little doubt that always lingers in your mind about the battery status. Get ready to enjoy the hassle-free experience of having a window into the wellness of your battery. As a result, UI 7 can be just what you need to know the maximum load of your battery, and how well it is working, and also you will be able to explore possibilities like battery optimized and clean energy charging.

Thus, it allows you to consciously decide when you need to recharge your battery in a way that increases its lifespan, and, most importantly, your charging time will not run out as soon as your phone Will still powerful enough to last all day long. ,

Although specific details have not been revealed yet, a leaked screenshot shows the idea of a Battery Health section within One UI 7 that aims to control battery health. Along with this upcoming game of tests, Samsung is also associated with One UI 6.1 which is delivered with its AI capabilities on multiple devices.

While we wait for confirmation, it’s great to hear that there are rumors that a One UI 7 version that will help with disease health will be released to Galaxy users soon. Please remember to check for the following updates and we seriously think it will be a cutting-edge improvement to your phone’s capabilities.

Blight Mojave
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