Samsung One UI 6 offers full freedom to rearrange Clock on your Galaxy device

Based on Android 14 the One UI 6 is the latest iteration of the software, which has arrived with several sophisticated features, and one among them is the ability to rearrange the clock on the Samsung Galaxy device lock screen.

Lock screen clock plays an important role, as it gives users an instant look at the time. But, previously the position of the clock was decided by the firm and it shows the time in the top left corner or middle of the screen. However, with One UI 6 things have changed.

Yes, One UI 6 offers you the ability to rearrange the position of the clock on a Samsung device as per your choice and preference. It means you can now drag the clock on the lock screen and drop it anywhere you want, to give your handy gadget’s lock screen a more subtle and preferable look and feel.

However, this feature will mainly help those who are irritated with the lock screen clock module, as it hides their wallpaper’s important part.

Lock Screen 

  • Clock repositioning: You now have more freedom to move your clock to the position of your choice on the Lock screen.

Samsung One UI 6 rearrange clock

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