Samsung One UI 6.1

Samsung One UI 6.1 to bring bold animation improvements

Samsung will introduce the flagship Galaxy S24 series with the One UI 6.1 software on January 17. The company will likely roll out the One UI 6.1 enhancements and features to older Galaxy devices, starting in late February. Meanwhile, a tipster recently revealed key details of One UI 6.1 animations and UI.

According to UniverseIce, the One UI 6.1 software introduces smoother animation over One UI 6 as Samsung improved the animation frame rate. The new iteration has also removed the background blur effect as part of improving battery efficiency.

In addition, the background scaling animation is also enhanced, making the wallpaper scale accurately in a non-linear animation effect. When the user swipes up to go back to the home screen, the animation elasticity of that particular icon can be shown quite stable.

One UI 6 software has been criticized for glitches during rapid app opening and closing to test animations. However, the One UI 6.1 software is likely to finally match its animation functionality with Chinese counterparts such as ColorOS and OxygenOS.