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Samsung One UI 5.1 features discussion: Fast Pair and Bixby Text call

Samsung is going to further improve its Android 13-based One UI skin with the One UI 5.1 version. We are going to discuss two One UI 5.1 features – Fast Pair and Bixby Text call.

One UI 5.1 Fast Pair:

With the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung will be introducing the expansion of Android’s Fast Pair feature, while, One UI 5.1 will not bring it to older Galaxy devices. The Galaxy S23 series would bring Android’s Fast Pair feature, which allows customers to quickly set up and get accounts even without typing anything.

Out of the box, the Galaxy S23 series runs One UI 5.1 software and Samsung will be delivering it to older Galaxy devices, with plenty of new features. Well, there’s a catch as a new feature is going to be exclusively available for the next-gen Galaxy S lineup.

Reliable Samsung source @SamsonUpdate shared exclusive information with us that you should know. According to the source, the Fast Pair feature will be introduced with the Galaxy S23 series. And notably, it will not be included in the One UI 5.1 update for previously released Galaxy devices.

One UI 5.1 brings Android’s Fast Pair-derived feature to the Galaxy S23’s Setup Wizard. Using it, you can transfer all necessary accounts by scanning a QR Code (such as Google and Samsung accounts) along with saved Wi-Fi passwords even without typing a single word from your old Galaxy or Android phone.

The reason behind the exclusivity of this feature is the requirement of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) as well as it is made for the Galaxy S23 series. Naturally, future Galaxy flagships such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 would come with an integrated Fast Pair feature.

One UI 5.1 Bixby Call

Introduced alongside the One UI 5.0 update, Bixby Text Calls is a wonderful feature that lets Samsung smartphone users interact in a whole new way. If you are in a meeting or crowded place where a phone call is inappropriate or possible, Bixby Text Call would be a boon.

This feature is derived from the Android operating system, just Samsung named it Bixby Text Call. The purpose of giving a new identity shows the company wants to keep the Bixby platform alive. The Bixby Text Call feature is currently accessible in just the Korean language.

It means, Galaxy users experiencing One UI 5.0 software can only use the Bixby Text Call feature if they and the caller are aware of the Korean language. One UI 5.1 is officially coming to older Galaxy devices, and a recent changelog leak revealed that Bixby Text Call is finally coming in English too.

Just after getting the One UI 5.1 update, you will be able to use the Bixby Text Call in English. When in use, this feature automatically answers calls and finds out the purpose of the call. You will get everything the caller is saying in text format on the screen, making it quite understandable.

Not that all, the most interesting thing about Bixby Text Calls feature is the ability to respond to the caller by just writing the text. Whatever you will write in the response text section, the feature will read aloud to the caller using an AI-generated voice.

The Bixby Text Calls feature’s availability is expanding to English, after Korean, but Samsung should bring more language support so this feature can be easily accessible worldwide. Bixby Voice Assistant is available in a lot of regional languages, the same could happen for text calls in the future.

One UI 5.1 will be introduced on February 1st, and the rollout is expected to start later next month.

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