Samsung One UI 4.1 Tip: How to access Camera Super Slow-Mo Mode?

 Samsung adds new enhancements, upgrades, and improvements to the user interface for the camera app with One UI 4.1. And with the latest Galaxy S22, S22 +, and S22 Ultra new cameras, you can take pictures with your finger.

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The new preview design makes photography easier than ever. You can take great pictures of your pet with this type of image or a fast-paced video with the genteel Quick Take feature.

Thanks to the Samsung One UI 4.1 update, provides Galaxy users with a better smartphone experience. So do not waste your time, read on to know more about using Super Slow-mo on your Galaxy S22 to take the next level of slowdowns.

With Samsung One UI 4.1 based Super Slow-Mo mode on your Galaxy device, you can record video in slow motion and make all your favorite moments like a movie. Whether you’re visiting a natural site or your child running through a sprinkler, you can use Super Slow Motion Mode to slow down or restore memory.

  • Super Slow-Mo: Thanks to your Galaxy phone’s advanced motion sensor, the One UI 4.1-based Super Slow-Mo allows you to shoot at stunning 960 frames per second.

Super Slow-Mo 

If you want the best slow-motion possible, use Super Slow-Mo Auto Mode. In this mode, the camera automatically detects the motion and then slows it down. This allows you to add slow-motion moments more than once per video.

  • From the Camera app, tap More, and then select Super Slow-Mo.
  • Then, tap on the Motion Detection icon to confirm that Auto Mode is turned on.
  • It looks like three small circles inside a square. When you are ready, press Record.
  • Hold your phone steady to enable motion detection. When your camera detects motion in the class, it automatically starts recording Super Slow-mo.

Super Slow-Mo (Manual)

The manual super slow-mo version allows you to manually activate slow motion. When you use this feature, every video has a slow-motion effect.

  • From the Camera app, tap More, and then select Super Slow-Mo.
  • Then, make sure the Auto mode is turned off. When it is off, the motion identifier turns gray.
  • When you are ready, press Record. Hold your phone still and capture the action.
  • Your phone will stop recording after a few seconds and will automatically create a slow-motion video.

Super Slow-Mo Tips

Although Super Slow-Mo is Super Advanced, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when shooting a slow-motion video. See the following tips for getting the best results with Super Slo-Mo:

  • Make sure there are no moving objects in the on-screen square because it triggers super slow-mo recording in auto mode.
  • Avoid recording in flickering or fluorescent lighting, which can trigger super slow-mo recording in auto mode.
  • Record in an area of ​​sufficient brightness. We recommend recording under LED lighting or sunlight.