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Samsung misses out on the battery business forecast for the second time

At this time Samsung promoting several businesses and has also revealed its investment plan for the future. Surprisingly the group misses out on the battery business forecast for the second time.

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Many popular blogs circulated this wrong-handedly that a 450-trillion-won investment plan misses out on Samsung SDI share in the future growth and business opportunity.

Currently, an American investment bank has published a negative report on Samsung SDI. Because Samsung SDI stock price showed a significant drop temporarily but bounced back a few days later.

The Industry insiders have raised the concern about Samsung group’s willingness to foster its battery business considering that it has only represented the fact about bio-pharma, semiconductors, and IT.

Earlier, it has unveiled a 180 trillion won investment plan in 2018 and another 240 trillion won plan in 2021. Showed the complete absence of its key business strategy. After all this also Samsung SDI remained positive about the global expansion in comparison to other competitors in the league.

Further revealed that they are concentrating on the prismatic battery market and on independent production of these batteries. There are no such worries for Samsung SDI and it is currently focusing solely on the product quality enhancement and financial stability.

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