Samsung Internet Beta: Everything your need to know about 

Samsung’s official internet beta application is a browser for safe surfing growing in your smartphone, come build with all the Galaxy Smartphone as it is compatible with Android devices running over 5.0 and above.

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The internet browser application is providing you with all the latest info like news, sports, and your interest categories. Alongside you can quickly access third applications like Amazon flipcharts from its home screen.

Samsung Internet is that you can easily switch your search engine like the famous “Flipkart” is also available. This feature allows you to automatically compare the prices of other store products, so you can always guarantee the best price.

You can safely surf your interesting news in your own language with the Samsung Internet Beta. Additionally, you can bookmark some of the applications Google, Galaxy shop, and users manual through the Inter Beta app. It also provides you with the latest video of news in your language.

The Samsung Interbets is in one platform for the Galaxy users as it offers you news, sports-related info, entertainment, movies, health&fitness, Auto/Gadgets, humor, and many more. All in all, it gives a clear and grand interface a massive amount of features, and the next level of safety.