Galaxy Watch 7
Galaxy Watch 7

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 gets Bluetooth certified

Galaxy Watch lovers, rejoice! The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 has hit the first step: the presence of Bluetooth SIG certification. This green light has been interpreted as a sign that the release will happen any day now and many are also predicting that it will have lots of exciting new features.

The certification phase proper tells us about a 40mm LTE version of the Watch 7; (Model number SM-L305U) is also mentioned. The Band doesn’t specify any details other than Bluetooth 5.3 with the LE (similar to its predecessor), but this approval suggests that Qualcomm plays a key role in providing the expected and smooth connection between the earbuds and the iPhone. I’m explaining how you can connect the Galaxy Watch7 to your smartphone or earbuds and other Bluetooth devices to enjoy all the new features that they have done so well.

While some specific details about the Watch 7 and two additional models, called the Classic and Pro, are still under wraps, the burden of anticipation is becoming heavy for all fans. Tech experts believe that Samsung is going to bring the second edition of its Unpacked event around June or July 2024. The main highlight of the event is the launch of the Galaxy Watch 7 series. Fasten your belt and drive down a road where traditional tools are no longer needed!

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