Samsung Galaxy S24 to boast stacked battery tech used in electric cars

Samsung Galaxy S24 battery

In August 2023, Samsung may launch next-gen foldable phones and flagship tablets along with wearable products. At the moment, a new report indicates that Samsung could use the stacked battery tech featured in electric cars on the Galaxy S24 series.

As per the information, Samsung SDI is looking to carry over stacked battery tech from electric cars to the smartphone business. This technology brings higher power density, resulting in higher capacity without increasing the size.

The Korean tech giant strictly follows a policy of no upgrades, which leads to an increase in thickness, weight, etc. Hence, the stacked battery technology could turn out to be a great option for Samsung to bring an advanced battery of the same size and weight.

On the flip side hand, the company could stick to the same capacity on the future flagship but with a reduced size, thanks to the stacked battery technology. This way, the smartphone will get extra space, which can be used for other upgrades/improvements.

As we are about 10 months away from the tentative launch of the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung would be getting enough time for research and development, and testing of components prior to applying the stacked battery tech.

The stacking method can increase energy density by over 10% to this prior method. SDI division reportedly preps to apply the method for small batteries aimed at phones, tablets, notebooks, and other consumer electronics devices.

Samsung can never forget the exploding Galaxy Note 7, which seriously damaged its reputation. Hence, the company may not take changing battery tech quite lightly, and we might hear the conventional tech to live on further too.

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