Samsung Galaxy S24
Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24 outshines predecessor, A15 unexpectedly tops charts

Key Points:

  • Galaxy S24 Series Sees Significant Sales Growth: Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S24, is experiencing impressive sales in Europe, particularly the base and Ultra models. Shipments in Q1 2024 significantly surpassed those of the S23 series in the same period last year.
  • Galaxy A15 Emerges as Europe’s Top Shipped Phone: The budget-friendly Galaxy A15 (combining LTE and 5G variants) dethroned the iPhone 15 Pro Max as the most shipped phone in Europe during Q1 2024.
  • AI Focus Expected to Drive Premium Phone Market: Market analysts predict that AI capabilities will be a major selling point for premium smartphones moving forward. Samsung appears well-positioned with its industry-leading Galaxy AI suite.

Samsung’s mobile business is thriving in Europe, with the Galaxy S24 series leading the charge. This high-end phone lineup, particularly the base and Ultra models, has witnessed a substantial increase in shipments across Europe during Q1 2024 compared to the S23 series in the same period last year.

Sales figures reveal a substantial jump, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra reaching a staggering 1.6 million shipments throughout Europe (excluding Russia) in the first three months of 2024. The base model also performed exceptionally well, recording 1.1 million shipments. In contrast, the Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra only achieved 0.8 million and 0.9 million shipments, respectively, during the same period last year. This data indicates that Samsung’s 2024 premium phones are resonating more strongly with European consumers than their predecessors.

However, the biggest surprise came from the mid-range segment. This year’s Galaxy A3x and A5x models failed to crack the top 10 best-selling phones in Europe. Instead, the spotlight shone on the budget-friendly Galaxy A15. This unexpected success story reveals that the A15, offered in both LTE and 5G variants, managed a combined total of 2.8 million shipments in Q1 2024, surpassing the iPhone 15 Pro Max by a significant margin (around 0.2 million shipments).

Combining these figures, the Galaxy A15 emerged as the most shipped Samsung phone in Europe during Q1 2024, followed by the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the iPhone 15 Pro, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The Galaxy A25 5G also managed to squeeze onto the list with respectable sales of 0.9 million units in the first quarter.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2024, market experts believe that AI capabilities will play a critical role in driving sales, especially within the premium smartphone segment. This bodes well for Samsung, whose industry-leading Galaxy AI suite boasts features like Circle to Search, Summarize, and Generative Edit. Apple is also anticipated to enter the Generative AI arena later this year, but their solution might require more stringent hardware specifications compared to Samsung’s offering.

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