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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra users facing these weird issues

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone is epic in every way, whether it is the point of the camera, battery, fastest chipset, strong glass, and every other aspect, which is the reason you are owning it. Unfortunately due to some bugs, latency, and issues are inevitable as time goes by.

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a unique contour cut camera to click a revolution in photography, as this forces the company to roll out the update timely for smartphone betterment and seamless performance but after grabbing the recent update stuck with some weird issue on their Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

  Below you can check the issue that is complained about most severely in the forum:

Camera Issue

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera issue: Its camera is not focusing at all, and the resultant video is too blurry. After clearing the cache, forcing the camera app, removing all the permission, cleared data too the issue isn’t resolved. Users noticed that it is focusing after 3x zoom and less than 1x zoom. Between 1x to 3x it is not focusing at all


  1. Open Samsung Member& click on Get help, and run Diagnostics for the Camera
  2. We recommend you to generate an error report by following their steps: Samsung Members Icon and tap on Error report >> select the category from the below >> Describe the issue and check the option “send system log data” then send

Speaker issue:

For about 1 minute into the conversation the ear speaker makes the voice jittery and stuttering.

samsung galaxy s21 April update


If it continues then as long as the phone hasn’t been accidentally bumped and there has been no water ingression then a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre will take a look under the 24-month manufacturing warranty.

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