samsung galaxy Music app

Samsung expanding Music app update to more users with bug fixes, revamped bottom bar style, and more

Samsung recently announced the latest update to the One UI Music application with some updates and enhancements. Below you can check the detailed information about the latest update.

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Well, Music is an incredible power that creates something different between different people, if you are a music lover with Samsung Galaxy users then it is beneficial for you because the company provides you with a built-in music application that will enhance your experience.

samsung galaxy Music app

Samsung is expanding its Music app update for more Galaxy devices. The latest brings several new features and fixes to improve user experience. Users will have to install a 24.3MB package to install the update.

Users can identify this update via built number and an installation package size of around 24.3 MB. The Samsung One UI 4 Music application update brings bottom bar-style change, 4×2 widget queue style change, and L OS (Android 5) support.

Alongside the update also fixes several known bugs that annoy you, Samsung aims to provide consumers better users experience, enhancement, and smooth working. Meanwhile, the music app supports the playback of several sounds such as MP3, AAC, and FLAC.

Updating the Samsung Music app helps patch security gaps and improve your device’s overall performance. Through every new update, Samsung is focused to remove bugs identified and improvising the user experience in terms of optimization of the application.

Below you can check the complete changelog and version number:

  • Changelog
    • One UI 4
    • Bottom bar-style change
    • 4X2 widget queue style change
    • L OS End of support
    • Bugfix
  • Version Number:
  • Update weight:
    • 24 MB