Samsung executives face six-day workweeks

Buckle up, Samsung executives: it’s time to roll up your sleeves. In a notable action, the Korean electronics company has claimed that its top executives will have to work six days a week to deal with the growing combination of challenges. It’s a bleak picture for Samsung: virtual results for 2023 and changing oil prices, volatile international markets, and a humiliating Korean win.

The unnamed Samsung official says that this action will create a so-called “sense of crisis” for all managerial employees of the Samsung Group. It implies that a long walk will be a fruitful endeavor and will indicate new energy to swim upstream. Samsung is under immense pressure as it operates in a challenging environment with a fast-growing competitor. The memory area, which requires AI advancements, becomes an intensely competitive one.

However, for those who have never tried it, it may be a big leap of faith. Samsung votes executives into positions other than Samsung Group. These leaders have been voluntarily working extra hours since the beginning of the year. This policy has now been extended to churchgoers, clergy, Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, and Samsung SDS elders. Although this is just a leadership initiative right now, the message is clear: Leadership from Samsung’s top management is a good sign that the tech giant is going beyond turning a blind eye to profits. Furthermore, it is expected that top officials will set the best example by working for six days.

Blight Mojave
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