Samsung Galaxy A24 One UI 6.0

Samsung boosts security and adds mobile ID to Galaxy devices

Samsung has started the Samsung Galaxy Series April 2024 update installation process for multiple smartphone models. It highlights security protocols and offers attractive new features to users.

Security, whatever it may be, is a major objective of the Galaxy A24 4G and M54 5G upgrade process. Therefore, this important patch is a security wall that effectively protects your gadget from all the latest internet hacking threats. It also includes the process of fixing the existing bugs and glitches in the system so that the end users do not face more troubles while using the application.

The upgrade for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is commensurate with one level. Although it includes the same essential security improvements, it also introduces an unprecedented feature: Gyopin Samsung Wallet Mobile-ID. This innovative security feature provides you with a secure environment where you can easily save your Document IDs and access their digital copies, eliminating the need to carry physical cards with you. Say goodbye to carrying your physical driver’s license and national identity card. Instead, think about using your phone to present one of them – it’s Mobile ID!

Here’s a quick guide to checking for updates on your device: Here’s a quick guide to checking for updates on your device:

  • Open Settings app
  • Tap Software Update
  • Select Download and Install

The new version of One UI for A245FXXS4BXD4 which is a 4G update is available in India with a download size of 256.16 MB. This option can be used by Galaxy M54 5G users in Brazil who had the update (version M546BXXS4BXD1) set to 255.20MB. From the South Korean market point of view, it is 422.21MB for the F72 1NKSU2EXD2 Samsung switcher. Make sure not to miss valuable features – now!

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