Samsung Android 13 could bring Easy QR code scanning 

QR codes have now become a vital part of making our working lives easier. They are everywhere now and people commonly use them for payments, gaining information about any product, or other purposes. Even applications have QR codes that carry their link so that apps can be found easily.

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That’s why it is very important that you have an Easy QR code scanning functionality on your phone. Although Samsung already provides an effortless way to scan a QR code through the phone’s camera, the company will further make it more manageable with the One UI 5.0 upgrade.

Actually, the Easier QR Code Scanner feature has been seen in the Android 13 beta update. According to which, the US tech giant will let Android users scan QR Codes directly from the lock screen, making it a more involuntary method of being able to scan QR codes than the existing ones.

Since One UI 5.0 is based on the Android 13 operating system, it will also have the same functionality for the Galaxy owners. After updating to the latest software system, your Samsung device’s lock screen settings will have a new option that reads “Show QR scanner” and enabling it will allow you to scan a QR code on the lock screen itself.

Additionally, the Samsung One UI 5.0 QR Code Scanner will provide a greater understanding of how it will use the information it receives from the QR code. It does this by informing users what type of apps will be used to open the attached link, thus allowing users to make more informed decisions when opening QR Codes.