Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 update

Projector on Watch! Here’s how Samsung plans to revolutionize wearables

Samsung smartwatches are some of the best in the industry. They offer a lot of features and advanced functions that other wearables of the same price range do not have. Now a new patent design suggests Samsung is working on further enhancing its Galaxy Watch functionality with the integration of the projector.

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Spotted by Wearable (via SammyFans), Samsung has recently filed a patent for the future Galaxy Watch that shows a built-in projector. Apparently, this projector is capable to cast your watch’s information onto the hand.

The information further suggests that Samsung filed a similar smartwatch patent in 2016, which was focused on creating an externally projected keyboard. Meanwhile, in the new 2023’s patent, Samsung is proposing a different use case.

Samsung Watch projector patent

Moreover, the patent suggests that this future Galaxy Watch has a projection display on the side portion of the housing and is configured to display information on a display area adjacent to the housing. Users could be able to mirror the main screen with its help or can also use it to display further information.

This built-in projector will show the content on your hand in a larger display area compared to the watch’s display. It means the smartwatch will finally provide us a way to effectively view videos send via messaging apps, etc.

Samsung says in the patent description- “According to an embodiment, the wearable electronic device may display various images. The image may include a still image and a moving image… such as broadcast content, multimedia content, and the like.”

Samsung Watch projector patent

On the other hand, the added camera module also suggests that video calling will also be possible on the watch. The images shared by the company further suggest that the wearable equips a bunch of lenses and LEDs aligned in two rows, likely to allow for an undistorted projection of the content on the hand through the built-in projector.