Galaxy Note 20
Galaxy Note 20

New security update enhances Galaxy Note 20 series

Key Points:

  • The May 2024 security update is now rolling out for Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra devices.
  • This update addresses 45 security vulnerabilities, including critical and high-risk issues.
  • Monthly security updates for the Note 20 series will cease by the end of 2024, transitioning to quarterly updates.

Samsung continues to uphold its commitment to device security with the release of the May 2024 security update, now available for the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This widespread rollout includes both carrier-locked and unlocked models in the USA, identifiable by the build number ending in HXE3, and various European countries, with the build number ending in HXE9.

This latest update is crucial, as it addresses 45 security vulnerabilities previously identified in Android and One UI. Among these, 33 vulnerabilities affect all Android smartphones, with one classified as critical and 26 deemed high-risk. The remaining 12 fixes are specific to Galaxy devices, underscoring Samsung’s dedication to device-specific security.

To install the update, users can navigate to their phone’s Settings menu, select Software Update, and then choose the Download and Install option. Alternatively, the full firmware can be downloaded and installed via a Windows PC for those preferring manual installation.

This security patch primarily focuses on fortifying the device against potential threats. With the Note 20 series no longer receiving feature or operating system updates since the release of One UI 5.1 last year, security updates remain vital. However, note that the series will transition from monthly to quarterly security updates before the year ends, marking the gradual phasing out of support for these models.

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