Material You theme goes missing on Samsung phones

We hope you still remember that incredible option on Samsung devices. The one that lets you put together your app and custom wallpaper?! A so-called ‘bug’ is bugging the system for One UI 6 (Android 14) users.

Material You, an advanced theming system created by Google, synchronizes colors across apps using your phone to create a cohesive experience. In ‘One UI’ available on Samsung devices, Samsung adopted this feature, naming it ‘Color Palette’. Colored with the chosen colors, the interface looks impressive. Of all the Google apps that come with the pack – Drive, Docs – the only one you can choose is the color you’ve chosen by default, they’re all still blue.

Therefore, it is not only an ethical issue but also an aesthetic factor. Keep in mind that consistency will keep the user experience flowing and you don’t want to have mismatched themed elements that may seem offensive. The good news is that this issue is with some Google apps and Samsung’s competitors, like its own apps, and also seems to be adjusted with the latest colors.

Bad news? Although it’s unclear whether Samsung is aware or not, this is being fixed in a future update. The fifteenth version of Android (Android 15) is already in development. Thus, it can be estimated that users will have to wait until One UI 7 is launched this year. Unless you change them, this is not possible for your Google applications, even if you start your efforts to “go green”.

Blight Mojave
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