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Leak hints at limited RAM for Samsung Galaxy S25

Wait for the second date of the Samsung Galaxy S25 rumored flagship companions! The same source as the recent Ice Universe leak said the base S23 model may only have 8GB of RAM, like the S22 and S22+. This means that when it comes to the storage option you choose, the S25 will not give you the option of upgrading the RAM.

On the other hand, 8 GB which is enough for a large number of users, is still worth mentioning that some of the major names in smartphone manufacturing have already started providing more RAM in their flagship devices. This difference means that Samsung considers 8GB to be sufficient at the moment, but there may be some users who prefer power using their phones, which will not go out of fashion tomorrow.

In this overview, we have seen that 8GB cannot outpace the new S25. It will take a lot of time to get data like specifications and benchmark tests to verify this. But one thing is certain: as a result, due to competitors increasing the amount of RAM, Samsung will not be able to handle this issue like others and this priority may lead some Android lovers to talk.

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