Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

How to Customize the Quick Settings Panel in Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Today we will talk about Quick Panel Settings which are often used to access. This is very helpful and perfect when you are on the go and want to quickly enable or disable features with the Galaxy Watch Active.

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As a dedicated user, you can search for up to 20 quick settings and enable up to 16 settings that can be permanently viewed on the Quick Settings panel. We will discuss the complete process you need to follow to customize this quick panel. This seems to be very convenient as it lets you choose the active icon so that you can have quick access to the quick settings when you are on the go.

How to customize the Quick Setting Panel in Galaxy Watch 4?

Follow steps:

  • Swipe down on your Galaxy Watch Active Screen to access the Quick Settings
  • Long press any of the icons in the Quick Setting Panel to access edit mode
  • To remove a Quick Setting, simply tap on the minus icon on that particular settings
  • To add a different setting, simply tap click on the plus icon
  • Swipe through a range of Quick Settings to choose your favorite one
  • Tap on your preferred settings to add to your quick panel.

These settings are designed so elegantly and systematically that do not mix with each other and provide convenience to the user as quickly as possible. Users can get quick and easy access to battery level indicators, Bluetooth connectivity status, brightness, and adjustment levels, deep dive into wearable settings, adjust light and dark viewing modes, and more.  can do.

It enables you to toggle NFC payment mode on and off and lets you receive phone calls via Bluetooth pairing and connectivity. You can also monitor your handset’s battery level, which can alert you when your handset is turned off. It acts as a one-point destination for all your tasks which can be managed on one screen without any hassle.