Here’s how you can use One UI 5.1 Image Clipper feature on Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung One UI 5.1 Image Clipper

Samsung One UI 5.1 software introduces a new Image Clipper feature for Galaxy smartphones. Although currently, the feature is only available for the Galaxy S23 series, the company has announced to bring it soon to older devices.

One UI 5.1 Image Clipper:

The One UI 5.1 Gallery app comes with a new Image Clipper feature that provides users with the ability to extract the object of a photo from background elements and paste it to Messages, Telegram, Notes, and more. You can share that image or can save it as a separate file.

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Samsung Gallery app digitally cuts out the selected part of the photo so that you can share it on its own or paste it into another image with an entirely different background.

This feature is based on machine learning to recognize certain objects in your photos, such as popular landmarks, flowers, plants, certain pet breeds, and even birds and insects.

Your Galaxy phone can identify almost anything as a distinct subject of a picture, whether it’s a person, a street sign, a household appliance, or a random object lying on a table.

Here’s how you can use Image Clipper to extract objects from pictures:

How to use:

Using the Image Clipper feature on Galaxy S23 is as easy as you copy and paste texts. All you need to do is select a picture from the Gallery and view it on screen.

Now long press the object to cut. Your phone will automatically identify and cut the object. Now you can drag the object and drop it to Notes, messages, or wherever you want.

Meanwhile, you can also Copy that image and Paste it anywhere or can share it by tapping the “Share” option. Also, if you want, you can save only the object as a separate image.

In case you needed, you can also change the long press response time of the feature. To do so navigate to Settings >> Accessibility >> Input & Gesture >> Long Press Response Time >> Set Short (0.5 sec).

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