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Here’s How to Set the Time Zone in Google Calendar

The Google Calendar app, which comes pre-installed on Android phones when purchased, is well known to all Android users. We all think that Google Calendar is just a calendar app that allows you to view calendars, but you are wrong.

How to set time zone in Google Calendar

Google Calendar has a lot more to offer than just being a calendar app. Unknown to many, it has many features. Their features can make your daily life stress free. Today we will explain how to set the time zone of a different country in Google Calendar.

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Now you must be thinking that what is the use of this. Let’s use an example to illustrate how useful it is to remember the time in a different region of the world when creating an event in the Google Calendar app.

We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, and we’ll also include screenshots to make it easier for you to follow, so you can select the time zone.

Simply choose the General option from the Settings menu of the Google Calendar app. The time zone of Use Device is a toggle that can be found below the start of the week.

It tracks where you are and automatically updates your calendar. If you deactivate this button you can select the time zone manually by entering the name of the country or time zone.

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