Here’s how to fix YouTube Music app lock issue on Samsung devices

Here’s how to fix YouTube Music app lock issue on Samsung devices

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If you are a user of YouTube Music on your Samsung Galaxy device, you may wish to use the app lock feature to secure your app from unauthorized access. However, you may encounter an issue where the app lock feature does not work properly on the YouTube Music app on Samsung devices.

This issue is caused by a compatibility problem between the previous version of the One UI Home app (less than and the latest version of the YouTube Music app (6.05.51). To resolve this issue, you need to update the One UI Home app to the latest version.

Before updating the One UI Home app, please ensure that you back up your One UI Home app data using the Good Lock app. This will prevent the loss of your home screen and app settings. The Good Lock app can be installed from the Galaxy Store.


How to back-up One UI Home app data?

For backup One UI Home data, your device must have Good Lock Home Up app. Visit the Home Up app >> Click on the Backup and Restore function>> Turn on the toggle by a tap >> Select the Immediate option.

Delete Samsung One UI Home app data

Firstly, open Settings >> click on Apps >> select One UI Home >> Mobile Data >> Delete data.

Update the latest Software

To install the latest software update on your device,  you just need to open Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install.

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