Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Here’s how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy tablet

Devices often lose performance over time, and a problem may cause them to behave strangely and unresponsively. These annoying issues will force you to reset your table, we guide you on how to reset your Samsung Galaxy tablet.

 Samsung Galaxy tablets are equipped with so amazing features and have more than just space. It also after impressive durability in performance aspects, meanwhile if you are stuck with some lagging or unexpectable issue then do reset via the steps mentioned given below.

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There were different types of reset for your table, do measure which one is suitable for your Samsung Galaxy tablet:

You can try soft reset or resume for normal freeze and non-responsive behavior of the table, simply resetting the table will fix it. Turning it off and then back on may fix an issue that protects your data and settings. If not,

Factory reset, at the end factory, reset this will compete wipe your table, erase data and setting, so make sure to take a back up before resetting it.


Factory reset from menu

  • Open ‘Settings’.
  • Tap ‘General management’.
  • Choose ‘Reset’.
  • Select ‘Factory data reset’.
  • Click ‘Reset’.
  • Choose ‘Delete all’.

Step to factory reset  from the startup of your Samsung Galaxy tablet:

  • Turn the device off then press the Power and Volume Up keys simultaneously.
  • Free the buttons when the ‘Recovery screen‘ displayed
  • Navigate the options using the Volume Up/Down buttons – select ‘the wipe data/factory reset option.
  • Use the Power button to select ‘factory data reset’
  • Wait for the factory reset to happen
  • Now select ‘Reboot system’