Google Home updates Wear OS with favorites and device shortcuts

Wear OS 5
Wear OS 5

Top 3 Key Points:

  • Favorites Tile: Quickly access your top 5 favorite smart home devices directly from your watch face.
  • Device Complications: Add shortcuts to individual devices for even faster control.
  • Improved Functionality: Control a wider range of device settings, including fan speed and humidifier levels.

Google is making it easier than ever to control your smart home from your wrist with the latest update to Google Home for Wear OS. This update introduces two key features: a Favorites Tile and device complications.

The new Favorites Tile provides instant access to your most-used smart home devices. Up to five devices you’ve favorited in the Google Home mobile app will appear on the tile. Tapping on a device icon opens the full control page within the Google Home app on your watch. This is particularly useful for frequently used devices like lights, thermostats, or smart locks.

For even more granular control, device complications allow you to add shortcuts for individual devices directly to your watch face. Simply select “Device Shortcut” during watch face customization and choose the desired device. You’ll see a corresponding icon on your watch face, and tapping it opens the specific device control page within the Google Home app. This is a great way to have instant access to your most critical smart home functions, like adjusting the thermostat or dimming the lights.

Beyond these headline features, the update also expands the range of device settings you can control from your watch. Now you can adjust fan rotation speed, set humidifier levels, and switch between different modes for appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. This allows for a truly comprehensive smart home experience directly from your wrist.

The new Favorites Tile and device complications are rolling out as a server-side update with Google Home version for Wear OS. With these updates, Google Home for Wear OS is becoming an even more powerful tool for managing your smart home on the go.

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