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Google Chrome to soon get ‘Help me write’ AI capability on desktop 

Google is working to add a new feature called ‘Help me write on its popular web browser Chrome on desktop. It’s worth mentioning that, Help Me Write is one of Google’s most common AI additions, with some variation of it having appeared in Google Messages, Gmail, Docs, Keep, and more.

As per the details, the Help Me Write option will appear in the Google Chrome autofill popup section, when typing text online, and it can also be accessed from the right-click menu. However, Google’s AI will check the content of the page to get more context on what to write.

In addition, there could be some more ways to adjust the writing style of the AI, albeit with fewer options than in Docs or Messages. Like -users will be able to ask the AI to “Shorten” or “Elaborate” the text as well as ask for something more “Casual” or “Formal.”

Therefore, Chrome’s take on “Help me write” will be hidden behind two flags in Chrome, simultaneously, the work is currently in process and is expected to be released in February 2024.

Google Chrome Help me write AI


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