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Google Chat gets message bubbles and squiggly line redesign

Google Chat, the popular messaging platform is getting transformed with the introduction of message bubbles and a squiggly line redesign. These new features promise to enhance the way users interact and communicate within the platform.

The appearance of messages in Google Chat got revamped, earlier it looked like lines of text, but with this new transformation, the lines are now converted into chat in bubbles. Notably, this will help differentiate messages and improve readability.

What you send is placed in a themed rectangular container with rounded corners, while the bubble is more stylized and gray for the other person. In addition, Google Chat also added a squiggly line for Unread messages, to provide a real-time sense of conversation.

The introduction of message bubbles and the squiggly line redesign in Google Chat represents a significant step toward improving the user experience and keeping up with evolving design trends.

Google Chat gets message bubbles



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