Good news for Brazilian Galaxy A52 4G users: March 2024 security update arrives

The time has finally come for Samsung Galaxy A52 4G owners to get their hands on the device of their dreams. the wait is over! The major breaking news as of March 2024 is that the region is finally getting the much-needed security update that was stuck. This update makes us put security in the first place and it may be worth giving up some extra cool features of other versions, but why would you do that, right?

However, the latest version of the A52 4G is among the few Samsung devices to have already received the April 2024 patch. The rest of the world saw the change later in countries like India and South Africa, where the A52 4G received the March update a month later. Others should also follow this.

It is indispensable to constantly update this app to protect your phone from viruses. It has more than 45 bugs, the most significant of which are related to the Android platform and One UI software. It is also recommended to fix vulnerable points such as Applock, bootloader, and several utility services.

The update is 263.53 MB in size and is sent via the over-the-air (OTA) process of updating. It can be downloaded automatically by searching for the updates option (Settings > Software Update > Download and Install). Brazil A52 4G network users take note and make sure you prioritize downloading this security update so you can protect your phone now.

Blight Mojave
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