Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

Galaxy Watch Ultra officially confirmed by Samsung: Here’s What We Know

Key points:

  • Samsung confirms Galaxy Watch Ultra’s existence with a dedicated support page.
  • The watch will likely boast a large display, powerful processor, and durable build.
  • Launch expected alongside Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch FE at the upcoming Unpacked event.

The rumor mill continues to churn as Samsung inches closer to unveiling its next generation of smartwatches. Following leaks detailing the design and features of the Galaxy Watch Ultra, Samsung themselves have now inadvertently confirmed the existence of this premium wearable.

Last month, we got a glimpse of the Galaxy Watch Ultra’s rugged design. Leaks then followed, shedding light on its potential specifications, including a powerful processor and a super-bright display. Most recently, the smartwatch received certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards, further fueling launch speculation.

Now, Samsung has unwittingly corroborated these rumors by creating a dedicated support page for the Galaxy Watch Ultra (model number SM-L705F) on their official Latin American website. This strongly suggests the smartwatch’s launch is imminent.

Based on leaks, the Galaxy Watch Ultra is shaping up to be a compelling offering. It’s rumored to sport a large display with an unprecedented 3,000 nits of brightness, ideal for outdoor activities under harsh sunlight. Additionally, whispers suggest a powerful processor built on a cutting-edge 3nm fabrication process, ensuring smooth performance. Durability is also a focus, with a rumored titanium body offering enhanced protection.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra won’t be alone at launch. Samsung is also expected to unveil the Galaxy Watch 7 and the Galaxy Watch FE at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. Stay tuned for further updates on these exciting new wearables.

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