Galaxy Watch 7
Galaxy Watch 7

Galaxy Watch 7 Leaks: 3nm chip, AI features, and potential price hike

Key Points:

  • New Chip and Sensors: Galaxy Watch 7 might boast a powerful 3nm chip and upgraded health sensors for improved performance and accuracy.
  • AI-Powered Features: Sleep tracking, exercise tracking, and communication could all benefit from AI integration.
  • Potential Price Increase: Early leaks suggest a CAD 70 jump compared to the Galaxy Watch 6.

Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch lineup has been generating buzz, particularly the Galaxy Watch Ultra. However, leaks suggest a standard Galaxy Watch 7 is also in the works, ditching the physical bezel for a sleeker design. This article delves into potential specs and pricing details gleaned from an accidental leak on Amazon Canada.

The leaked information confirms a global release date of July 10th for the Galaxy Watch 7. Interestingly, the listing showcases a 40mm Bluetooth-only variant priced at CAD 359, a significant increase from the Galaxy Watch 6’s CAD 299 launch price.

While some details, like the 128GB storage (likely a typo; 32GB is more realistic), might be inaccurate, the leak offers intriguing insights into potential features:

  • Advanced Chipset: The Galaxy Watch 7 might sport a cutting-edge 3nm chip, presumably the Exynos W940, for enhanced processing power.
  • Improved Health Tracking: A new BioActive 2 sensor could deliver more precise health and fitness data.
  • AI Integration: AI-powered sleep tracking, exercise tracking, and even “AI-powered communication” are on the horizon. The leak suggests leveraging Galaxy AI’s smart reply feature for on-watch message responses.

While display and battery life details remain under wraps, this leak paints a promising picture of the Galaxy Watch 7’s capabilities. Remember, nothing is official until Samsung’s announcement on July 10th in Paris. Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the next generation of Samsung wearables!

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