One UI 6.1
One UI 6.1

Galaxy S22, Z Fold 4, and Z Flip 4 get a spring refresh with One UI 6.1 (Expected April 10)

Samsung fans here! It’s time to bring your Galaxy S22, Z Fold 4, or Z Flip 4 phone to get a gift. Good News! Your phone may be getting a spring refresh soon. It is estimated that the flagships, which are considered revered, will get the long-awaited One UI 6.1 update on the same day i.e. April 10th.

This is ahead of the usual security patches (the usual update is March 2024) and is an upgrade that will make your phone even more functional. Plus, don’t you think that once Samsung tells us what it’s going to include, we can jump on board with the excitement of new features to make your phone smarter and more reliable?

One caveat: While it’s unlikely to get the full package of AI tools included with the Galaxy S22 update, Samsung has confirmed that it may bring some of the best Galaxy S22 AI features to S22-series phones in the future.

stay tuned! Push notifications arriving on your device shortly will inform you about the formal update shipment. We will bring you the latest updates from Samsung should there be any further updates.

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