Galaxy Fit 3 steps up its game in South Korea

Dedicated to fitness enthusiasts in South Korea, good news is here. Samsung’s Galaxy Fit 3 is making waves in regions beyond its homeland, becoming available in Korea on April 3. Rated at 89,000 WIN, this superior fitness tracker is a winner in terms of a large 1.6-inch AMOELD display for easy viewing and 18.5 grams lightweight for comfortable wearing.

The research analyzed the effects it has on our emotional state: happiness and calmness in the mood. The battery capacity of Galaxy Fit 3 is more than 13 days of continuous use without recharging, and it can last your life without the stress of frequent recharging. Samsung did not forget about the safety of users and created a multifunctional security system that was able to detect falls, as well as trigger an emergency-related SOS call, which, interestingly, actually got excited about. Can also be seen.

The Galaxy Fit 3 is much more than that. It’s all about sweat-induced thunder and footsteps. It’s a holistic treatment for fitness, it tracks 110 sports disciplines and some other personal metrics like stress and sleep. This information allows you to make smart choices regarding your fitness journey and health.

Galaxy Fit 3 has entered the South Korean market as a reliable product for home fitness lovers. Nevertheless, some information states that it probably will not be sold in the US. This could mean that Samsung goes all out to increase the fame of its Galaxy smartwatches in this market. These stand as a testament to its consistent efforts to create advanced and suitable wearable devices for fitness tracking.

Blight Mojave
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