samsung Galaxy S22

Future Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra update to improve its Camera quality

Practically, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most powerful camera in the world, developed by Samsung. When internal performance tests are done by a minimum of machines and engineers compared to the actual user.

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When it was released, the Galaxy S22 Ultra was well received by the camera department. At the same time, video enthusiasts are also sharing their reviews, and concerns about getting the most out of the Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera.

In a recent update, consumers support Samsung, which owns the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra, introduced some graphics models, asking the company to improve the camera quality of the models. ago. Users connect some photos with the Galaxy S22 Ultra and S21 Ultra.

f we check the images mentioned in the consumer’s report, the images shot with the Galaxy S22 Ultra have low sharpness, comparatively. Also, the overall colors are not so good as the images are showing drastic color usage by the software system, which can be easily checked after cropping.

Well, the good thing is that a Samsung community moderator replied to the request generated by the consumer. However, the mod. said that the engineers are internally reviewing the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera and image quality feedback and requests.

In addition, the camera in charge suggested the user disable the scene optimizer feature for photos that include the sky. When enabled, the scene optimizer feature optimizes the details and overall quality of each scene, therefore, it can’t be perfectly working on shots having sky.

Talking about the picture quality, Samsung’s camera in charge revealed that the company is constantly listening to the opinions of consumers. With continuous reviews, Samsung is working on Camera supplements and improving quality to bring them to the Galaxy S22 Ultra consumers through software updates in the future.