First software update to bring camera performance improvements to the Galaxy S24

Samsung is about to bring the first software update for the Galaxy S24 series. The firmware update is expected to improve overall performance and camera functionalities.

According to MaxJambor, Samsung will release the 1st Galaxy S24 update on January 23. The tipster advised consumers to watch Galaxy S24 smartphone reviews after the arrival of this update.

The entire lineup’s camera performance is excellent, however, some minor glitches are around there. As reviewers got pre-launch produced units, the company will release the final optimized firmware on January 23.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 series on January 17, while the official release is set to begin later this month. Most probably, the consumer variants of the S23 lineup will come pre-loaded with the latest software.

A software update will be available for all Galaxy S24 units on Tuesday, January 23rd. This update will enhance performance and improve camera functionalities. It’s advisable to refrain from watching device reviews until after the software update is released. – Max Jambor