Disable these annoying features on your Samsung Galaxy phone, here’s how!

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are packed with a bunch of valuable features and change over time with new UIs, but there are some annoying features that are not replaceable or weakened through any update, so today we are going to discuss them with some interesting tips to disable.

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The below-mentioned feature may not bother you personally but some users are really disturbed with them. So let’s begin.

Swap the Nav Button: Disable these annoying features on your Galaxy phone, here’s how!

Samsung is still running a three-button layout gesture navigation, making Samsung the only company to place the back button on the right. If you don’t like this then you can fix it in a few easy steps:

  • Go to settings 
  • Then Display option
  • Click on the Navigation bar
  • Select other ‘Button Order’

The Bixby wake up command:

The most irritating thing is the Bixby. Virtual assistants appear in a few places you probably don’t want to, especially the power button. But you can disable it

  • Setting
  • Advanced feature
  • Select ‘Side key’
  • Switch the action for ‘Press and Hold’ to ‘Power off Menu’

Background app killing:

Samsung destroyed the background app for saving battery, but it resulted in optimizations missing notifications. but you can turn off battery optimization in easy steps.

  •  On the notification panel ‘top of the screen and tap the gear icon
  • Find ‘Apps’
  • Select “Special Access, via the three-dot option in the icon menu or ‘Special App Access’
  • Click on Optimize Battery Usage
  • Tap the drop-down arrow next to “Apps Not Optimized”
  • Then select ‘All’