Samsung Black Friday Sale 2023

Check out these 5 best Early Black Friday 2023 Samsung deals

Purchasing a new product with some great discounts is another level of satisfaction and if the gadgets are from the world’s best manufacturer like Samsung then nothing could be more pleasing than this. Well, here we’ll discuss some early Black Friday deals of 2023 on Samsung products.

Black Friday 2023 is on November 24, and before this, Samsung is offering great deals on its products such as smartphones, Televisions, Wearables, and more. Let’s dive into the details, and discuss the five best early Black Friday deals on Samsung devices.

The list of five products on which Samsung offers discounts includes the newly launched Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Watch 6, 50-inch Class TU690T Series 4K TV, and the SmartTag2.

Below, you can check their original as well as current price and if you wish to add any to your collection, then just tap on the links mentioned, to grab the product. 

Galaxy Z Fold 5

  • Current price: $1,500
  • Original price: $1,800

Galaxy S23 Ultra

  • Current price: $1,199
  • Original price: $999

Galaxy Watch 6

  • Current price: $269
  • Original price: $299

50-inch Class TU690T Series 4K TV

  • Current price: $299
  • Original price: $379


  • Current price: $74
  • Original price: $99

Links to purchase your preferred product 

Samsung Black Friday Sale 2023

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