Apple’s Foldable iPhone: Unveiling the rumored “Wrap Around” design

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Unique Design: Apple’s foldable iPhone, dubbed the “iPhone Fold,” might feature a revolutionary design where the screen wraps around the exterior when folded, unlike most foldable phones on the market.
  • Durability Focus: This outward folding approach aims to minimize screen crease damage by increasing the bending radius.
  • Potential Release: Analyst Jeff Pu suggests a 2026 release for the iPhone Fold, earlier than some predictions.

The race for foldable phone supremacy might take a surprising turn with Apple. While most foldable phones have the screen tucked inwards when folded, analyst Jeff Pu suggests Apple’s “iPhone Fold” could break the mold.

According to Pu’s note to investors, the iPhone Fold might utilize a “wraparound foldable design.” Imagine a Huawei Mate Xs 2, with its expansive foldable display, but instead of folding inwards, the screen wraps around the exterior of the iPhone Fold when closed. This design philosophy prioritizes screen durability by significantly increasing the folding radius, potentially minimizing the dreaded crease often seen on foldable phones.

However, this outward folding approach comes with a trade-off. The exposed screen on both sides of the closed device becomes more vulnerable to scratches and everyday wear.

While the exact release date remains under wraps, Pu suggests a 2026 launch window for the iPhone Fold, slightly earlier than some analysts’ predictions. Interestingly, Pu’s note also hints at a larger, foldable MacBook with a 20.3-inch display potentially entering mass production by the end of 2025.

It’s important to remember that these are just rumors, but they paint a fascinating picture of Apple’s potential foldable future. Whether the “wrap around” design comes to fruition and how it tackles the durability challenge will be intriguing to see.

Blight Mojave
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