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Try these Samsung’s Good Lock 2022 SoundAssistant features to revamp your Galaxy sound system

The Samsung Good Lock’s 2022 fragrance makes its features more impressive, functional, and specialized. Undoubtedly, the Android-based Samsung One UI offers the best customization options for any Galaxy device.

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One of such Good Lock modules is Sound Assistant. Samsung’s Good Lock SoundAssistant has many options to revamp your phone’s sound system. I personally use this feature and appreciate it.

Samsung Good Lock SoundAssistant

Media manner mode

Starting with Media manner mode, it mutes media sounds when your phone is on vibrate or mute. This will definitely be useful for those who need to ensure that their phone stays silent during meetings, conferences, lectures, etc.


Metronome is one of those SoundAssistant that you will definitely love. Bluetooth audio, especially on cheap devices, usually suffers from poor latency. So, the Metronome will help you out of this as it lets you manually sync the sound with your earbuds.

The metronome will start when you tap on the option. The phone will read a different number as the arrow passes over one of the red lines. If you hear a number read before or after the arrow is covered, drag the slider left or right until it’s in sync.

Samsung Good Lock SoundAssistant

Customized Volume Panel

The real fun comes when you enter the Customize Volume Panel menu. It lets you adjust the height of the volume bar in the Standard panel, change which side it appears on, show a numerical volume level, as well as enable the SoundAssistant floating button.

You might wonder that all the options were already available, what is new in this? But having these options together in one place and seeing what the change will look like delivers a better experience than ever.

It gets even better when you expand the volume panel. Here you can add toolbar functions that provide quick access to the Bluetooth/speaker switch, Live Caption, Equalizer, and the SoundAssistant itself.

Samsung Good Lock SoundAssistant

Individual App Volume

The most unique feature which I found in Good Lock SoundAssistant is the ability to adjust the volume of any app currently playing media without even changing the system volume.

Just tap on the Individual app volume option in the SoundAssistant, select apps you want to adjust individual sounds, and enjoy them without interruptions.

Samsung Good Lock SoundAssistant

Make your own volume panel

Samsung lets you make and design your own volume panel. Here you can choose different themes, colors, and many more to decorate your regular and boring volume panel to make it look amazing. You can either choose dark or light themes.

Samsung Good Lock SoundAssistant

Voice Changer

Other than these, the SoundAssistant now has a built-in voice changer. When enabled, you can access it from your notification shade whenever your microphone is in use. There are a total of nine voice changers, unfortunately, none of them sounds good.

Samsung Good Lock SoundAssistant

Nevertheless, Good locks’ SoundAssistant module is worth using. The above mentioned are some of the main highlights of it. Besides these, there’s Control music with a volume key option which lets to go to the previous or next track by pressing and holding the volume keys when the screen is locked or turned off.

In addition, you can select an app to play and control music when you press the multimedia keys on your connected headphone, Bluetooth device, etc., customize vibration patterns, select which apps can play audio at the same time, and more. You will find its more useful functionalities when you start using it.

Samsung Good Lock SoundAssistant