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[Tip] How to improve picture quality of your Samsung TV

Samsung is a manufacturer that has a wide range of products including home appliances. One of them is Samsung TV as the Samsung TVs provide world-class picture quality that is more convenient and suitable for your living rooms if we compare them with other brands.

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Today, Samsung TVs are equipped with all the desirable features that we want to use, but to have a good picture quality experience, we should limit ourselves to using these modes other than those strictly recommended.

If you also use the Samsung TV and want to raise the prospective potential of that, you have to use them with the recommended settings. The optimum performance can also be obtained from some out-of-the-box performance, which people rarely know.

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What are the 5 easy ways to improve your Samsung TV’s picture quality?

  • Adjust picture preset for different sources –  The standard modes are only appropriate for some types of operations. Such as you should use the Movie or Filmmaker Mode preset for enjoying immersive picture quality. Both of these modes are designed to reproduce actual picture quality.
  • Use motion processing – Motion processing is designed to reduce the judder or blur that appears on the TV screen, it analysis each and every video frame. But there is one disadvantage it uses a large amount of power. So it should be carefully used.
  • Avoid Noise Reduction – Samsung TV carries a feature of noise reduction processing. It helps to adjust the noise as per the video frames and try to match the voice with the video content. Because poor noise processing can cause smearing sound and image.
  • Turn off the energy-saving modes – Do not use the energy-saving mode, as it reduces the stringent power consumption to extended levels. This will not let you enjoy your TV to the fullest. However, the Ambient Light Detection Sensor creates a problem in response to the amount of light available in your room.
  • Stop using Dynamic Picture Preset – This option is still available on your Samsung TV. The use of this mode leads to the loss of color balance and disappearing shades, and the picture feels more flattered.