Three great features that Android phones have but iPhones don’t

There are two major mobile operating systems – Android and iOS made by Google and Apple respectively. Although Android has some features that iPhone still lacks even after many updates. Here’s a list of three capabilities that an iPhone lacks to help you choose between the two.

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Creating Guest Accounts and Multiple Users

Unlike Apple, which has completely disregarded this function for years, it was launched on Android devices with Android 5.0. This feature lets you protect your privacy when your kids or friends use your phone.

You can assign a device after logging in with a different user or guest account. Each user can have their own unique apps, data and passwords. If you want to use multiple profiles on your smartphone, we taught you how to create multiple users on an Android device.

Call and SMS settings can also be modified for multi-user features. You can decide whether to allow other users to call you or send you SMS notifications. In addition, you can download programs directly from other users instead of downloading them again, and if one person updates an app, it will be updated for all users.

Access Internal Storage

An iPhone only allows you to access photos and movies when it’s connected to a computer via a USB cable. A desktop and an Android phone can share any number of files because an Android phone, on the other hand, has access to your entire internal storage.

Any vehicle that supports Android Auto can be connected to an Android phone via a USB cable to access various apps and navigation. Additionally, your phone can share its connection to the Internet with the PC via the USB tethering feature.

Customize home screen

On iPhones, there were never that many options for customizing the home screen. Apple added many capabilities with iOS 14, such as an app library and home screen widgets, but they still lag far behind what an Android phone can do.

An Android phone can replace the icon pack and launcher among many other home screen customizations. You can find a ton of free icon sets for your home screen in the Google Play Store. A theme app that lets users apply system-wide themes and modify fonts or icon packs may even come preinstalled on some Android smartphones.

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