samsung Galaxy S22

T-Mobile reaches 3Gbps speeds with its standalone 5G network on Galaxy S22

VoNR calls support was first started for the Samsung Galaxy S22  smartphones in the US. As per the new information, recently the device has registered another achievement as it has recorded download speeds over the mid-band 5G network in the country.

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Report indicates that the T-Mobile has reached 3Gbps speeds with its standalone 5G network using three bands together, all thanks to 5G carrier aggregation. This testing was completed on the Snapdragon-powered Samsung Galaxy S22 and the upgraded connection is expected to be available to customers later this year.

In this test, the unlocked carrier combined three 5G channels to create an effective 210 MHz 5G channel. Two of these three channels are of 2.5 GHz Ultra Capacity 5G and one channel is of 1900 MHz spectrum.

samsung Galaxy S22

Further, the T-Mobile also mentions that the result is only possible on a standalone 5G network which the carrier was the first to launch two years ago. The carrier has deployed only two 5G bands in the US and the third band is yet to be officially launched.

These bands can deliver good transmission speeds alone but using them together takes things to another level. However, the company says that Samsung Galaxy S22 will be the first phone that will be able to use the third NR CA band later this year. And, it will slowly expand to more devices so that the users can enjoy improved speed in the US.