Samsung’s upcoming foldable could feature new and improved battery

According to the new information, Samsung Electronics is experimenting with the new smartphone battery and is developing them with the new and improved method of pocket stacking. This is the technology that has been used previously in automobile battery making. The new and improved solution provides better performance with more energy density and reduces energy loss.

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Samsung Electronics can join hands with ATL (Ampherex Technology Limited). This is the first time that the company is weighing adopting new batteries from a Chinese manufacturer. ATL battery is more likely to be used by LG Ensol and more.

Further, a Business analyst says that the overall quantity of the battery that Samsung will procure from ATL batteries is only 5 percent. It is not the decision influencing factor that is going to have any impact on the selling price of the device.

Samsung independently cannot select any of the part makers individually because the original equipment manufacturer has to directly source the part, and this completely depends on the original part manufacturer who is related to this supply chain.

However, Samsung Electronics might prefer this battery in its new foldable smartphone just to diversify the supply chain and reduce the cost of the foldable. They might use the new battery to power its A series and M series models. In the case of the premium device, Samsung SDI will only be preferred.