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Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will feature titanium case 

Samsung is currently working to introduce its next generation of smartwatches, and working to develop it with a most prominent feature that is not born in another smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be introduced with an amazing and extraordinary feature that attracts the customer’s a lot.

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Previously, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 rumors hinted us that the best upcoming Galaxy Watch model will definitely amaze the smartwatch market.  The most recent rumor reveals that the forthcoming Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will feature a titanium case, as resisted to the aluminum and stainless steel used on the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

Well, it is not the only smartwatch with a titanium case, meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 7 has already grabbed it. Notably following apple Samsung also tries these new cases in Galaxy Watch 5 Pro which seems interesting.

Alongside leaks also unveil that Samsung also follows the sapphire glass on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro series. Yet, these glasses should offer more scratch resistance than the Gorilla Glass DX that Samsung is packed with in the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

A famous tipster noted that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro features bit wider bezels.  It seems that Samsung is definitely equipping an experienced smartwatch as part of a new line.