Samsung’s chip foundry market share to fall by 2% this year

The Taiwanese market research institute, Trendforce, said that by 2021 Taiwan will have a 64% share of the international foundry market share, followed by Korea. As per the recent market research report, the Taiwanese market research institute predicts that Samsung foundry’s market share will decrease slightly by 2022.

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Taiwan has various foundry companies such as TSMC, UMC, PSMC, and VIS a report reveals. And in 2021, TSMC will have a 53% revenue share in the concrete market, followed by UMC at 7%, PSMC at 2%, and VIS at 1%.

Uttering Samsung Electronics, the world’s second-largest foundry has 18% of the market share. However, the market share gap between Samsung and TSMC is expected to widen further in 2022.


TrendForce predicts that TSMC’s market share will increase by 2 percentage points to 66% by 2021, while Samsung Electronics forecasts to decrease by 2 percentage points to 16%.

TSMC also guaranteed many customers such as Nvidia and Qualcomm with advanced processes below 5 nm, but Samsung Electronics said this was an opportunity because it was difficult to secure customers.

However, Taiwan’s market share in Taiwan is expected to decline slightly. This is because Taiwanese concrete companies are building new factories in various regions such as the United States, Japan, and China to expand their production areas.

TSMC builds new foundry plants in the United States, China, and Japan, while UMC builds plants in Singapore. Trendforce states: “Taiwan’s concrete production capacity will decrease by 44% by 2025. However, Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is upstream and downstream.