Samsung will charge $500 to let you print your photo on Bespoke fridge

Samsung is working to bring a new ultimate option to customize your Bespoke fridge lineup. You can soon add your picture to your refrigerator, all you need to do is pay $500 to the company and print your image on the double doors fridge.

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You can design an original fridge with the MyBespoke customer panels, the new custom design is allowed to apply only to the double doors. The new buyer of Bespoke has to pay $500 extra for this design panel.

The service is currently under development once its stated customers can upload their photos online, edit the layout, and submit the conclusive image for printing. The company now processed further by printing it on your Bespoke fringed, the time taken is around 8 weeks to finalize your fridge with your image.

However, if you already own the Bespoke double door fridge and wanted to print your image then you have to pay only $250 per customized Bespoke fridge door. This new extremely exploited customization option will make turn your device into new, and you can personalise your family picture, vacation photo, and more on your fridge.

Samsung says it combines automatic filters with human reviews to also adjust customer-requested images. The company is looking for copyright infringement and explicit images.