Samsung vice president Lee Jae-Yong is invited for the conference in Sun Valley

Samsung Electronics vice-chairman Lee Jae-Yong is invited to the Sun Valley conference he is expected to attend the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference scheduled for July. It would be his first time in six years to attend this meeting.

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The vice chairman is most probably going to attend the conference, and this would be the first time that he is going to visit the United States. According to Business Korea, the discussion will be solely based on the non-memory chip sector.

The company is aiming to beat TSMC and become the world leader in the Industry by 2030. The mergers and the acquisitions are very essential for it. The company has already kept its vision and the investment plan of 450 trillion won for the upcoming five years.

Lee is also going to meet with the U.S government personnel during his visit to the United States. Recently, the vice-chairman have a meeting with Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon on May 21, 2022, and has also met Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger on May 30, 2022.

However, the recent visit of U.S President Joe Biden to the Pyeongtaek South Korea on May 20, 2022, has also helped to minimize the gap and brought warmth to the relationship between both the countries. So this is to be considered a sign of growth in a positive direction.