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Samsung unveils world’s first 17-inch slideable display for PC

Samsung is one of the leading companies when it comes to foldable smartphones. They have introduced 4 generations of their Fold and Flip lineup so far and they are not done yet. They are now going a step ahead and offering a slideable display for PC.

On September 27, 2022, Intel will introduce its 13th-generation Core processors for desktops. At the same event, Samsung Display CEO JS Choi will showcase a prototype of the world’s first 17-inch slideable display for PC.

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The report says that the display is 13 inches, but it can be extended to 17 inches. You can do this by pulling on the display, which will unroll the hidden portion of the screen.

It will likely be used on future tablets from other brands as well. A working prototype was demonstrated by Samsung with a still image that read “Samsung Display Intel”. The CEO of Samsung Display said it is specifically built for computers with tablet-like form factors, such as the Microsoft Surface Go 3. It will also be used on future tablets from other brands.

Samsung slidable display PCs

In addition to these things, the company has not revealed anything about the display, so it is difficult to judge it at this moment. The screen resolution, aspect ratio, brightness, and other features are not yet known. Even Samsung did not tell how durable this display is.

One of the highlights of Samsung’s new phone is that they are calling it a slideable display instead of an expandable screen. This shows that the company wants to differentiate its product from others.

The CEO of Samsung Display said that the foldable display is “gone” with the introduction of a foldable display. It is not clear whether the company will launch products with this technology or when they might launch them.

A Samsung Display slideable PC concept