Samsung Galaxy Fit 3
Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

Samsung unveils first update for Galaxy Fit 3: enhanced stability and performance

Key Points:

  • Samsung’s first version, Fit 3 software With the advent of Samsung, Fit 3 software was released, which improves performance and stability.
  • The improvement, which is a smartwatch with 21 sensors, covers all fitness needs. Furthermore, the software version of Galaxy Fit 3 is now R390XXU0AXE1 which you can download for 04MB.
  • First, users can manually verify the update through an app called Galaxy Wearable, which is now available in its homeland of Korea and will soon be available in other regions.

The company is now ready to improve the user experience and fix any issues previously encountered in the software update of its latest wearable – the Galaxy Fit 3. With this upgrade, we are delivering a breakthrough that makes it so much more. Updating devices is easy and fast. With this 04 MB update, the firmware version of the BIXBI2 Smart Thermostat is upgraded to R390XXU0AXE1.

Swapping between apps or browsing the list will be much easier and faster on this model. Despite its primary goal of improving performance, the changelog phase also takes into account the resolution of problems such as tracking errors. These, which were uncovered by some users, were reported.

The above-mentioned release is currently rolling out only to the people of South Korea, while Samsung is expected to make the update available for users in other regions very soon. For users looking to benefit from these improvements, checking for updates manually is simple: Connect your phone to your computer to run, download, and install the band software update in the Galaxy Wearable app. Please keep an eye out for future correspondence to get more acquainted with the Galaxy Fit 3 soon.

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